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Tournament Cancellation:

  • Beach Blast Lax Tourney has fixed expenses related to facility acquisition, insurance, staff management and other factors regardless of weather cancellation and/or act of God.  Because of this, teams WILL NOT receive a full refund if this tournament is canceled
  • Cape Henlopen & County administration, not Beach Blast Lax Tourney administrators, has the sole right to cancel this tournament due to weather conditions and/or act of God
  • If teams have completed at least two (2) games, no refund will be given
  • In the event that the entire tournament is canceled due to inclement weather and/or act of God, each team will receive a choice of credit to following year or a partial refund of its tournament registration fee within 30 days
  • Check Facebook Beach Blast Lax Tourney for weather and/or cancellations
  • Emails will be sent to club managers in the event of extreme weather and/or act of God
  • There will be no rain dates

Once Play Has Begun...

  • Site Directors, Staff and Officials will halt play at the first occurrence of thunder and/or lightning
  • A 30 minute suspension of play will be in effect after each occurrence
  • If any games are canceled due to weather conditions, the scores will be recorded as they stand when the game ended
  • Play will resume at the real-time location on the game schedule
  • If deemed necessary, the tournament reserves the right to alter all game schedules in order to keep the tournament participants safe and/or to keep on time
  • During seasons of extreme heat, tournament personnel reserve the right to institute 1-2 mandatory water breaks during game play when necessary
  • Refunds will not be issued due to any weather-related changes made during tournament
  • In case of thunder/lightning, all games will be suspended and fields will be cleared by 3 long blasts of an air horn. Storm fronts in this area move rapidly so it is IMPERATIVE that teams, fans and parents leave the field area quickly for the safety of their vehicles. Tents and open areas are NOT safe during electrical storms and Beach Blast Lax Tourney officers will not be held accountable if injury occurs as a result of seeking shelter in one of those locations.  2 long blasts of the air horn means play will resume in 5 minutes.
  • Tournament Directors reserve the right to change game schedules due to inclement weather, field conditions and safety of the players/officials.