2024 Beach Blast  

  • All teams will play in flighted pools based on the competition level selected by the club coach/manager - we spend a ton of time making sure we respect YOUR wishes and want your teams to have a positive experience!

  • Beach Blast Lax Tourney administrators reserve the right to adjust pool play depending upon the number of teams in each pool

  • All games will be played at Cape Henlopen High School 

  • 2028 - 2033 will play on Saturday, June 22 & Sunday, June 23

  • 2028 - 2032 will play FULL FIELD 12v12 on regulation size fields

  • 2033 will play SMALL FIELD 8v8

  • ​All divisions will play 4 full games and bracket winner moves onto championship play

  • 2028-2032 Games will be (2) 25 minute halves (running clock) with NO team timeouts

  • ​2033 Games will be (4) 10 minute quarters (running clock) with NO team timeouts

  • Official score of each game is kept on the field by the coaches at the table using the provided flip chart.

  • Post game each coach will sign the score sheet - COACHES DOUBLE CHECK THE SCORE BEFORE YOU SIGN THE SCORE SHEET!!

2024 Bracket Winner:

Teams will be awarded points during pool play based on the following system:

Win = 3 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

The team with the highest point total in their pool will move on to the playoffs.

If, at the end of the pool play, there is a tie in total points, the pool winner will be determined in the following manner:

1.  A head to head comparison of the tied teams. The winner, in head to head competition, advances (If three teams are tied, move to next tie breaker)

2.  A comparison of total wins by team. The team with the most wins advances.

3.  A comparison of goals allowed. The team with the fewest goals allowed advances.

4.  Coin Toss

In case of partial games played due to weather the following ADDITIONAL criteria will be

used to determine a division championship:

# Goals Allowed DIVIDED BY Average Time Played

i.e.  3 Games + 15 Minutes = Goals Allowed Divided By 3.3 

Playoff Format:

2028-2032 The Championship game will consist of (1) 25 minute period. The same rules will apply as in pool play. If the score is tied at the end of the 25 period, a “sudden victory” period will be played until a winner is determined.

2033 The Championship game will consist of (2) 10 minute quarters.  The same rules will apply as in pool play.  If the score is tied at the end of the 2nd quarter, a “sudden victory” period will be played until a winner is determined