June 26-28, 2020

Friday - Saturday for GRAD YEARS 2025-2029
Saturday - Sunday for GRAD YEARS 2021-2024


2027/28 Seahorse Division - LBC

2026 Palm Division - CHECK-HERS

2026 Porpoise Division - LBC

2025 Dune Division - PRIDE RED LOUDOUN

2025 Sand Castle Division - PRIDE RED

2025 Dolphin Division - BAY AREA

2024 Fin Division - CHECK-HERS

2024 Crab Division - DIAMONDS

2024 Wave Division - LBC

2023 Star Fish Division - PRIDE RED

2023 Sand Dollar Division - TEAM 91 NC FLIGHT

2023 Pelican Division - EAST COAST SELECT

2022 Clam Division - GREEN TURTLE

​2021 Shark Division - ESLC PIRATES

2020 Surf Division - JETS PINK


As of April 9, 2020
As of today, Beach Blast Lax Tourney Admin continues to monitor the

national and state COVID-19 updates and recommendations.  

We are still on as planned.  We will continue to update our teams 
and coaches.  If you have any questions, please contact

us at courtney@beachblastlax.com

As of March 26, 2020
The health and well-being of athletes, coaches, and their families is always

the top priority for Beach Blast Lax Tourney and staff.   Along with the rest

of the world, we have continued to closely monitor the developing

COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) situation.

We will continue to evaluate all CDC, state and local information during

this challenging time.  As of today, Beach Blast Tourney is on as scheduled.  

We will continue to update as needed.